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Ammonium hydroxide solution
TraceSELECT Ultra, for ultratrace analysis, ≥25% in H2O
Ammonia aqueous; Ammonia water
for ultratrace analysis, ≥25% in H2O

CAS Number: 1336-21-6
Linear Formula: NH4OH
Beilstein Registry Number: 3587154
MDL Number: MFCD00066650

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Property Value
Assay 25.0 - 31.0 %
Density (D 20/4) 0.890 - 0.915
Silver (Ag) max. 0.01 ppb
Aluminium (Al) max. 0.2 ppb
Arsenic (As) max. 0.5 ppb
Gold (Au) max. 0.01 ppb
Barium (Ba) max. 0.01 ppb
Beryllium (Be) max. 0.01 ppb
Bismuth (Bi) max. 0.01 ppb
Calcium (Ca) max. 1 ppb
Cadmium (Cd) max. 0.01 ppb
Cerium (Ce) max. 0.01 ppb
Cobalt (Co) max. 0.01 ppb
Chromium (Cr) max. 0.05 ppb
Cesium (Cs) max. 0.01 ppb
Copper (Cu) max. 0.5 ppb
Dysprosium (Dy) max. 0.01 ppb
Erbium (Er) max. 0.01 ppb
Europium (Eu) max. 0.01 ppb
Iron (Fe) max. 0.5 ppb
Gallium (Ga) max. 0.01 ppb
Gadolinium (Gd) max. 0.01 ppb
Germanium (Ge) max. 0.05 ppb
Hafnium (Hf) max. 0.01 ppb
Mercury (Hg) max. 0.5 ppb
Holmium (Ho) max. 0.01 ppb
Indium (In) max. 0.01 ppb
Iridium (Ir) max. 0.01 ppb
Potassium (K) max. 1 ppb
Lanthanum (La) max. 0.01 ppb
Lithium (Li) max. 0.01 ppb
Lutetium (Lu) max. 0.01 ppb
Magnesium (Mg) max. 0.1 ppb
Manganese (Mn) max. 0.1 ppb
Molybdenum (Mo) max. 0.05 ppb
Sodium (Na) max. 1 ppb
Neodymium (nd) max. 0.01 ppb
Nickel (Ni) max. 0.1 ppb
Lead (Pb) max. 0.02 ppb
Palladium (Pd) max. 0.01 ppb
Praseodymium (Pr) max. 0.01 ppb
Platinum (Pt) max. 0.01 ppb
Rubidium (Rb) max. 0.01 ppb
Rhenium (Re) max. 0.01 ppb
Rhodium (Rh) max. 0.01 ppb
Ruthenium (Ru) max. 0.01 ppb
Antimony (Sb) max. 0.1 ppb
Scandium (Sc) max. 0.05 ppb
Selenium (Se) max. 0.5 ppb
Samarium (Sm) max. 0.01 ppb
Tin (Sn) max. 0.1 ppb
Strontium (Sr) max. 0.01 ppb
Terbium (Tb) max. 0.01 ppb
Tellurium (Te) max. 0.01 ppb
Thorium (Th) max. 0.01 ppb
Titanium (Ti) max. 0.05 ppb
Thallium (Tl) max. 0.01 ppb
Thulium (Tm) max. 0.01 ppb
Uran (U) max. 0.01 ppb
Vanadium (V) max. 0.05 ppb
Tungsten (W) max. 0.01 ppb
Yttrium (Y) max. 0.01 ppb
Ytterbium (Yb) max. 0.01 ppb
Zinc (Zn) max. 0.5 ppb
Zirconium (Zr) max. 0.01 ppb
Carbonate (as CO2) max. 10 ppm
Bromide (Br) max. 50 ppb
Chloride (Cl) max. 500 ppb
Fluoride (F) max. 100 ppb
Iodide (I) max. 50 ppb
Nitrite (NO2) max. 100 ppb
Nitrate (NO3) max. 500 ppb
Phosphate (PO4) max. 50 ppb
Sulfate (SO4) max. 100 ppb

Physical Properties

Property Value
Explosion Limit 27 %
Boiling point 37.7 °C
Freezing point -92 °C
Density 0.90 g/cm3

Safety Information

Property Value
Hazard Class 8
Package Group III
UN ID 2672
GHS Classification Corrosive Harmful Environmental Hazard
Signal Word Danger
Hazard Statement(s)
Precautionary Statement(s)
Pricing displayed in catalog does not include applicable VAT.